30 October, 2014

Grade 1 Eric Carle inspired collage (and some pumpkin heads)

For weeks now my lower elementary classroom has looked like this at the end of the day.
Grade 1 classes have been learning the techniques of collage as part of an integrated unit looking at how artists use tools and techniques with an emphasis on writing stories.  We have chosen, therefore, to  focus on illustration.  We have looked at the illustrations of many interesting artists but focused mainly on Eric Carle and collage (with a fair amount of Lois Ehlert thrown in).

They were very slow to start , cutting out small complete figures and using pencil a lot to define details. It has been a gradual accumulation of skills to get them to look at shapes and texture and colours differently.  This is not the end of the unit and they will be producing an illustration to match their text (we are just waiting for homeroom teachers to start producing said text so we can illustrate to it), but I am just so happy with the progress so far. 

I've spent the last few days hanging their work in a mini exhibition.  I think they are Fabulous!  and I love how the painted papers that we made (it seems like EONS ago!) just add a whole other dimension to their work.

 (I'm still working on the "no pencil on the picture" part)

I love the layering in this piece.

a giraffe with a hat and a back pack

a peacock
A wonderfully expressive Cheetah (from direct observation of a photo- he was very pleased with himself)

one of my students who struggles a bit.  "I want to challenge myself", he said to me.  A weedy sea dragon with a red sea ; "I'm being creative by making my sea a different colour".

 Sorry that some of these are blurry, it was getting dark and stormy by the time I'd finished hanging the work.
 And my KG1 classes have been honing their cutting skills by making wonderful Jack o'Lanterns for Halloween.
 I painted large sheets of paper orange and cut them up for each child.  They had to draw a circle and cut it out, then cut out eyes, nose and mouth from black card and paste them on.   Then they used white chalk to draw in the details.

I'm a little in love with them!

25 October, 2014

getting to know you

 A trip to the vet on Thursday and this little girl is a whole other puppy.  I knew that something was just not right with her, but as we are only fostering her at the moment, I had to have the permission of the organisation to take her to the vet.  Finally I convinced them on Thursday and I took her in.
As I suspected, she had giardia and needed some medication.  They also put her on a drip for a while.
The difference is amazing.  She is more relaxed, is eating, playing, biting (I lost a iPhone charging cord to her little puppy teeth) .Within 24 hours her whole demeanour has changed.  She's playful and puppyish and sleeping though the night ( makes it easier for me).
She is such a little sweetie, and I just can't wait until we can adopt her properly.

Wafffle is really not impressed and mostly avoids her.  Loki, on the other hand is fascinated by her and spends all his time trying to sneak up on her.

I'm not sure that he has evil intentions.  He tries so hard to get close enough to sniff her.

She's really not sure yet.
And as for her name; the rescue organisation call her Ana, we call her Meeka, but it's not official until we adopt her.

22 October, 2014

What to do in the school holiday

On Saturday Ella and I went for our usual weekly schmooze around town.  We stop in on some of our favourite shops, have lunch or a green tea together and generally just explore.  I took her to a new mall that's opened off the back of another and we accidentally stumbled upon a rescue dog adoption drive.  

Well, we are seriously missing having a pup in our lives, so we went in for some sniffs and snuggles the whole time answering the question "are you looking to adopt a dog" with, "no, we're not really, we just miss our dog.  We don't really know how long we'll be in Singapore for…"

There were big dogs and little dogs, and puppies.  We got to hold some puppies.  And then I picked up this little girl…and I couldn't put her down.  SO overwhelmed.  She'd only been captured a week ago from a container park.  She and her mum and siblings were running around and hiding under the containers and she was the only one they managed to capture.  She'd never seen a human before that (or if she had, she'd hid).  
After half an hour of holding her, cuddling her (having our photos taken cuddling her), I spoke to the woman about the possibility of adopting her. I filled in a form and we discussed fostering her this week as we were home and would have more time for her.  Sunday night she arrived.

We have her for 2 weeks to see if she's a good fit for us, then they will come back and we will all make a decision about adopting her.
This is her "i'm scared face" which looks remarkably like Eyore in Winne the pooh, and thankfully a face we are seeing less of.

She is SOOOOOOOOO skinny and we are still struggling with getting her to eat.  She has diarrhoea a lot, and sleeps a lot too.  Partly her coping mechanism for being overwhelmed, but also just because she is weak and recovering I think.
 She is a real sweetie and getting much better around us.  I'm sleeping with her to try and get her used to human contact (and it's easier to deal with those night time clean ups if we are in the same room).

 Remi loves her and spends as much time as possible with her.  This is his last week working, so when I go back to work next week he will be able to spend time with her.
I am really hoping that we can keep her.  It's so nice to have a dog in the house again.  The cats are a little freaked out, but we are just letting them get used to her.   I just hope she starts eating a bit more and can put on a bit of weight.  She's not running away from me all the time anymore though, so that's a good sign.