29 May, 2015

Art week

Our annual art show was last week.  It's always a big thing.  I personally hung over 1000 pieces of work (there are 6 art teachers).  Lots of weekends (thanks to Matt for spending a Saturday at school with me when I was sick), and late nights.  Some photos.  I should have taken more.

Our Lion we made in our after school textiles class.
My KG1 self portraits
Grade 1 Van Gogh Vases
Grade 1 clay buildings, Frank Gehrey inspired silhouettes and a wall of Georgia O'Keeffe flowers.
My Grade 1's admiring their work.. 
KG1 Self Portraits 
Grade 1 Van Gogh Vases

My Grade 1 Georgia O'Keeffe magnified flowers
More KG1 Self portraits. 

My one KG2 class' various work: cultural unit.

Kinda proud of these ones.  They looked fabulous...but boy were they messy- soft chalk pastels.

A view from the 6th floor.

I've had a stupid ear infection for the last 3+weeks.  It started in my ear, and somehow got into the sub dermal layer of my outer ear which meant it looked like I had cauliflower ear.  I'm on my 4th round of antibiotics.  BLAH.  I hate this kind of stuff.

BUT, I love going to see the doctor because I get to look out over my neighborhood from the corridor outside his office.  I love the different sights of Singapore.  How things change so much when you go UP.

The photos in the rain didn't turn out so well, but I like them anyway.

Looking back to our house (the second one with the curvy roof)

I love the relative low rise of our neighborhood.

Our house again (2nd curvy roof).  The high rise look really close, but there's a school, a hill and a busy road in between us and them.
For those of you who know Singapore: that hill in the distance is Bukit Timah (Singapore's highest point).

Looking back towards Orchard area (high rise)

28 May, 2015

Mona Lisa out and about

A bit of a throw away lesson that I thought up one morning as I was bogged down in the middle of preparing for our art show...if I'm honest.  BUT... I FREAKING LOVE this, and would do it again in a heart beat.  A good pre assessment to see how kids cope with proportion...but I just love the concept of the Mona Lisa getting out and doing stuff.  

Grade 1s have been doing a unit on famous artists.  We talked about Da Vinci and the Mona Lisa.  I had the head from a coloring in page which I cut out and photocopied onto an A3 piece of paper.  I told them that they had to show me the Mona Lisa DOING something.  
Here's some:
Rock climbing

hanging 10

As a sheriff
a mermaid


For the last few months, our lives and Saturdays have been taken over by rehearsals for Oliver!  Kit had a part (Dr. Grimwig) as well as filling in as barman, and townsperson, and Ella was stage crew.  Our Saturday's for the last few months have been: dropping the kids at rehearsals from 8:45-4:30 and us taking the dog for a walk.

We went to see the final night of performances (3 nights) on Saturday and it was FABULOUS.  We have a wonderful drama department at our school (and I'm not just saying that because they're my friends)

Here's some photos from the night: none of Ella but she's a bit camera shy these days.