17 November, 2014

puppy videos

Oh my goodness what a week has made to this timid little pup.  She's just come out of her shell in the last week (maybe it was spending 3 days on the couch with her when I was sick last week).  My greatest joy every day is when I walk into the room, or come home from work and she's just besides herself excited.  She's gone from being sad and scared to being a skippedy bundle of puppy goodness.  Helps that she's putting on weight and growing and just looks so healthy now.  She still has her timid moments, but she's so much better.  And she and Loki have hit it off.  They look for each other all the time and play like this on the couch for hours!!!

video video video video video
And while we don't usually allow animals on the couch (or dogs at least), it's the place she feels safest and happiest.  

09 November, 2014


Since my dad doesn't follow me on Instagram (hint hint, you only have to follow me dad), I'm going to post some gratuitous puppy photos and videos here for him.  I don't love (or even like much) face book, so I only occasionally link my instagram posts too it.  So if cute adorable rescue puppies are not your thing...move along.

video video

07 November, 2014

Something Fishy

Grade 5 students are doing a unit on observational drawing of organic form right now.  I'm loving it.  I'm so glad we chose to do this with them.  It's really allowed for discovery both artistically and scientifically.
My work
My sketch book 
I've been buying Cacti, peacock feathers, fish and fruit for them to draw, we also have shells and this lovely lotus pod that one of my students brought in (I want one!)

 Any other artists out there, please feel free to use the previous photos as you wish.

It's certainly caught the interest of the majority of students.  I've also provided magnifying glasses, and opportunities for the kids who struggle with drawing to still get involved by providing leaves for rubbing etc.  I'm bringing Oscar into school with me today and I'll get the fish back out of the freezer for one more go....  One of the other art teachers photocopied them the other day, so I'll be making copies of those too.

30 October, 2014

Grade 1 Eric Carle inspired collage (and some pumpkin heads)

For weeks now my lower elementary classroom has looked like this at the end of the day.
Grade 1 classes have been learning the techniques of collage as part of an integrated unit looking at how artists use tools and techniques with an emphasis on writing stories.  We have chosen, therefore, to  focus on illustration.  We have looked at the illustrations of many interesting artists but focused mainly on Eric Carle and collage (with a fair amount of Lois Ehlert thrown in).

They were very slow to start , cutting out small complete figures and using pencil a lot to define details. It has been a gradual accumulation of skills to get them to look at shapes and texture and colours differently.  This is not the end of the unit and they will be producing an illustration to match their text (we are just waiting for homeroom teachers to start producing said text so we can illustrate to it), but I am just so happy with the progress so far. 

I've spent the last few days hanging their work in a mini exhibition.  I think they are Fabulous!  and I love how the painted papers that we made (it seems like EONS ago!) just add a whole other dimension to their work.

 (I'm still working on the "no pencil on the picture" part)

I love the layering in this piece.

a giraffe with a hat and a back pack

a peacock
A wonderfully expressive Cheetah (from direct observation of a photo- he was very pleased with himself)

one of my students who struggles a bit.  "I want to challenge myself", he said to me.  A weedy sea dragon with a red sea ; "I'm being creative by making my sea a different colour".

 Sorry that some of these are blurry, it was getting dark and stormy by the time I'd finished hanging the work.
 And my KG1 classes have been honing their cutting skills by making wonderful Jack o'Lanterns for Halloween.
 I painted large sheets of paper orange and cut them up for each child.  They had to draw a circle and cut it out, then cut out eyes, nose and mouth from black card and paste them on.   Then they used white chalk to draw in the details.

I'm a little in love with them!